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Welcome to our curated collection of books celebrating the beauty and allure of Hocking Hills, Ohio, and its surrounding natural landscapes. Immerse yourself in captivating narratives, stunning photography, and expert insights that transport you to this enchanting region. Whether you’re an avid hiker, a wildlife enthusiast, or simply seeking inspiration from nature, our selection includes titles that explore the rugged trails, hidden waterfalls, and serene forests of Hocking Hills.

But our love for nature doesn’t stop there. Explore additional titles that delve into Ohio’s broader natural attractions—the rolling hills, pristine lakes, and diverse ecosystems that make this state a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. From trail guides, to historical memoirs, to cookbooks and even fiction novels, our bookstore celebrates the wonder of the natural world and the spirit of Ohio’s wilderness!

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Hocking Hills Travel & Trail Guides:

Hocking Hills Hiking Trails: A Guide to the Hiking Trails of the Hocking Hills

Traditional Hocking Hills hikes and unique hikes in color. Written by an author who is a seasoned backpacker, veteran hiker, photographer, and career author/naturalist who lives in the Hocking Hills and hikes all the trails often.

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Hocking Hills State Park Map & Illustrated Trails: Guide to Camping , Hiking and Exploring Hocking Hills State Park

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Hocking Hills Travel Guide: The Top Attractions, Restaurants, Hikes and Activities to Explore in Hocking Hills

Are you planning a trip to Hocking Hills and wondering what to do and what to see? If so, then this pocket-sized travel guide is for you!

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Hocking Hills Day Hikes

Southeast Ohio’s Hocking Hills is known for its waterfalls, recess caves, and gorges. Hocking Hills Day Hikes recommends the best hiking trails in the region.

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Hocking Hills History, Ghost Stories, and Folklore:

Hocking Hills, The 1900-1950 (Postcard History Series)

From 1900 to 1950, Hocking Hills was a popular subject for postcard images, and town and country residents who lived and worked in this area were captured on vintage postcards. Residents created their own entertainment, and Main Street parades, the county fair, holidays, patriotic events, and family gatherings were celebrated and recorded with penny postcards.

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Haunted Hocking Hills and other Ghost Stories of Southeastern Ohio

Over 65 terrifying ghost stories and old tales of the macabre passed down and packed into this book . If you’re coming to the Hocking Hills, you’ve got to check out the ghosts!

Book 1 of 21 – Explore the entire series

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Haunted Hocking: A Ghost Hunter’s Guide to the Hocking Hills and Beyond

Learn of the many erie and creepy legends of Hocking Hills, Old Man’s Cave, and surrounding the region. Over 55 frightening ghost stories and folk tales along with haunted places to hike.

Book 4 of 21 – Explore the entire series

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Ohio Ghost Hunter Guide II: Haunted Hocking – A Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Ohio

If you’re looking for an adventure outside of the ordinary, the Ghost Hunter’s Guide II offers plenty of places to begin your journey. Explore southeastern Ohio from a different angle- Discover haunted places, local legends, and scary tales of the Hocking Hills and areas within a short drive of this wilderness retreat and paranormal hotspot.

Book 5 of 21 – Explore the entire series

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Haunted Hocking Hills for Kids: Ghost Stories from Ohio’s Hocking Hills for Kids

Ghost stories and legends of Ohio’s Hocking Hills for kids.

Book 14 of 21 – Explore the entire series

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Hocking Hills Cookbooks:

A Taste of the Hocking Hills

Written by Chef Matt Rapposelli, A Taste of the Hocking Hills intermingles delicious recipes with striking photographs of a region to which thousands trek each year. Rapposelli presents dishes by the season, noting the specialties that appear on his menus in a given time of year. 

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Hocking Hills Fiction Novels:

Bookcover - The Relic Detectives, A Hocking Hills Mystery

The Relic Detectives: A Hocking Hills Mystery

Eleanor and Oliver go on a camping adventure in the Hocking Hills expecting some fun with friends, learning more about nature and history. However, they did not expect to stumble upon a centuries old mystery that only they can solve. Camping is not all s’mores, hikes, and animal encounters, but where the secrets they uncover rival any campfire ghost story. They must work together with their friends to figure out how to preserve the Hocking Hills for the future.

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Hocking Hills

Eighteen-year-old Emily Barnes, feeling like an outsider, heads to Hocking Hills with little money after obtaining her birth certificate. There, she encounters Deputy Dylan McKenna, whose captivating blue eyes lead her into trouble. Despite their mismatched connection, Emily can’t resist the attraction. As she discovers her inherited ability, she realizes someone in Hocking County covets it—enough to kill.

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